Evelyn’s Birthday Party

January 6, 2015 by Angela

Evvy’s 3rd birthday! We had a circus/carnival birthday for our silly sweet Evvy. The guest house was packed out with kids playing carnival games, munching on cotton candy, pop corn, hot dogs, nachos (and anything else that is bad carnival food lol), and of course a clown photo booth. Each kiddo (totaling 22) won prizes playing the Ping pong bucket game for each bucket, the floating numbered duck game, and the ring toss game. The kiddos also had fun with a sack race! Once the kids arrived, everything went so busy and fast I didn’t take my regular birthday pictures which makes me a little sad but man what a fun fun birthday party it was for our Evvy clown!

http://www.dooleydays.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/IMG_1586.jpg” alt=”IMG_1586.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” />







Back to school snacks

August 10, 2014 by Angela

The wheels on the bus…

A rolo roll with a Hershey kiss on the top to look like a pencil.

This was in Amelia’s lunch box on her first grade. I snuck it in before she letft.

Super cute 1st grade goldfish snack.

Chocolate covered pretzels that look like apples.

Pool time!!

August 10, 2014 by Angela

A lot going on in the Dooley house over the summer. In addition to us going to Great wolf lodge and Amarillo, we also staycationed soaking up the sun at our pool. I have always wanted a pool even as a kid. Heck, I priced having one put in when we were living at our last house. NOW WAY…30-50K…this was disappointing to Amelia and I whom wanted it more than other (ahem Brent). As you can imagine, we were THRILLED when we toured our potential new home and found it already had a pool! We swim a few times a week and all weekend. Mia, having had a few years of swimming classes, can hold her breath for a long time and can swim like a fish! Evelyn, having only had a few months of swimming lessons.

A lot going on in the Dooley house over the summer. In addition to us going to Great wolf lodge and Amarillo, we also staycationed soaking up the sun at our pool. I have always wanted a pool even as a kid. Heck, I priced having one put in when we were living at our last house. NOW WAY…30-50K…this was disappointing to Amelia and I whom wanted it more than other (ahem Brent). As you can imagine, we were THRILLED when we toured our potential new home and found it already had a pool! We swim a few times a week and all weekend. Mia, having had a few years of swimming classes, can hold her breath for a long time and can swim like a fish! Evelyn, having only had a few months of swimming lessons is still in floaties but very much wants to be able to swim like her big sis and is getting better all the time. Marie, our niece and Amelia and Evvy’s cousin, came to visit at the beginning of the summer. She watched Amelia swim effortlessly around the pool and while she has an injury from birth limiting her ability to use her arm/hand…she was determined to do the very same. She started out, in our pool, by blowing bubbles in the water. She continued in Grandma and Papa’s blow up pool by putting her face under water, kicking her feet and going from one side to the other over and over practicing and building on her skill from when she came back to visit. She proudly showed us how her determination paid off. Even with limited arm/hand use, she was swimming and we proudly congratulated her. SO PROUD!

A lot of Amelia and Evvy’s friends come over and swim as well and it is just a ton of fun. So happy to finally have a pool and look forward to many many years of such happiness.





Pirate Party

July 22, 2014 by Angela

Pirate party just for funsies. The original plan was to have an outdoor pirate party…a great summer time party just before school started back. BUT, as it turned out, the weather had quite a dramatic change bringing in LOTS of rain and almost 20 degree temperature drop. So, we just had this pirate party inside. Not the healthiest food was served but it was all pirate related.

Peg legs (corn dogs)
Catch of the day (popcorn shrimp)
Cannonballs (cheese puffs)
Fish and chips (chips and gold fish)
Berried Treasure (fruit)
Golden nuggets (cheese squares)
Fish bait (gummy worms)
Pirate punch (lemonade)
Treasure map (cookie cake)








The 9 pirate girls had to walk the plank from the boat amelia, evvy and I made. It was a flatish box we spray painted along with a spray painted mass (incased in concrete in a box) with a pirate flag attached. The picture does NOT do this boat and plank justice as I wish I would have gotten better pictures of it. Nevertheless, the girls had a blast walking the plank forward, backward and blindfolded. If they touched the wall of fell off…they got sprayed with a water bottle.

There was also a treasure to be found in the backyard, tag, freeze dance, sit on balloon/popping contest and good ole hid and seek.

From the party the gaggle of girls (minus Evvy) continued their adventure over to Allyson’s house for a sleepover of 8 girls! (She is braver than me lol). This would be Amelia’s first sleepover as Audrey, Allyson’s daughter, had her first sleepover at our house just a few weeks ago. I have a feeling they will be lifelong friends as well as the neighborhood whom they will grow up with as well. So glad we moved to this amazing and fun neighborhood.








Drive in theater part two

July 21, 2014 by Angela

When we figured out when we were going to Amarillo, I contacted the Tascosa drive in theater to find out what was playing as I have been wanting to take the girls for some time. Bad news it was transformers and 22 jump street but again we decided to have our own at the house but this time making the cars more elaborate. Amelia and I worked on the together and I think they turned out pretty well.








Amarillo Trip: Cadillac Ranch pictures.

July 21, 2014 by Angela

I forgot to include the pictures from the donut stop and Cadillac Ranch! Here they are:












July 12, 2014 by Angela

An amarillo trip! We have been looking forward to our amarillo trip for awhile (but not so much the drive). We left out on a wednesday evening to arrive at Aunt Becca and Uncle E’s house in Dallas. With it being late there wasn’t much chatting time as we had to get up early-ish in the morning. Was still good to see them though. We left out for amarillo the next day and surpsisingly the drive was an easy, pleasant one. The girls are perfectly content with watching shows (and always asking for snacks lol). The weekend was SO much fun! We spent thursday evening eating dinner at ruby tequilas and chatting with chels, nathan and cami.


Tracy came over and it was SO good to her! Amelia even read a story to her.


before heading to lunch then Wonderland with Dad. My oh my the girls had a BLAST and were quite ready for bed when it was time.









Tracy came back over to babysit (evvy and cami were already fast asleep) while we all went out for a nice dinner. Althought I was ready to head home on Sunday morning, I sure hated to leave and may have even gotten a bit misty eyed upon doing so. (Mia got A LOT misty eyed when we dropped Grandpa off on saturday evening. I sure wish we all lived closer.




Evvy’s first movie

July 12, 2014 by Angela


Great Wolf

July 12, 2014 by Angela

Great Wolf lodge we left Thursday after work to go head to dallas to visit katie, aunt becca and uncle E. The next morning we, including rebecca and Katie drove out to Great wolf lodge which was packed out but the line to check in wasn’t near as ridiculous as I had anticipated and also to my surprise, our room was ready! We spent the entire afternoon in the indoor water park. I mostly stayed with Evelyn, becca and katie in the kiddie area which was a BLAST to them and a lot of fun to watch them. Brent took mia on some of the slides and met back up with me later. While we were all riding in the lazy river, I could tell Evvy was spent! She passed out ON me about 4pm (after about 3 hours of non stop fun and about 3 hours past her normal nap time lol). Becca took Katie home and Brent took sleeping evvy upstairs while I took mia, who was still going strong, on more slides, wave pool and spash areas. It was so fun and eventually we decided we should probably go grab some dinner. Dinner at one of the restaurants there, though reasonably priced, was ehhh okay in taste. Then at 8, they had story time in the lodge lobby which had the girls enthralled! It started with the annamatronics song and then the mascot wolf holding a giant book while one the staff read the story on a microphone. We were only four rows away so our view was pretty nice. Oh and Amelia was one the ones chosen for sherades prior to story telling. She chose “gymnastics” as her sport and did a cartwheel to convery this. The story time was really neat especially with it being in the lobby where it has a huge (fake but very real looking) tree, bird noises and you just kinda feel like you are outdoors. After story time we decided to stop off for some dessert at the treat shop downstairs. Brent, Amelia and I choseice cream while Evvy picked a big fat chocolate donut. The girls were LOVING it especially since by now they were up 2 hours past their bedtime. They finally passed out. And while Brent and I had good intentions of watching “Lone survivior” why they slept, we got about 20 mins in and started passing out ourselves.

The next morning, we opted out of the near $50 breakfast ($14 per adult and $7 per child) and went with a pastry, milk and lots of coffee breakfast at their starbucks. Yes, they had a starbucks INSIDE the lodge. After breakfast, a quick visit to the arcade was in order. For those of you keeping track, that would be a treat shop, a starbucks, an arcade and 2 restaurants all INSIDE this monstrocity of a lodge. Not to mention:

Back the arcade. WOW they make it easy to spend money. While this conveinent wrist band that lets you in an dout of your hotel room thus leaving you free to not keep up with a key card, is also conveinent in swiping for restaurant purchases, and arcades! Oy. We carefulyl spent our $20 and went back out to the indoor and ourdoor waterpark for a few more hours. Around lunch we showered up and left the lodge for good. We decided to have our lunch at a studio movie grill. Which I will leave for another post as I would imagine this post is getting kinda long and detailed.

We spent the rest of the weekend with the Neef’s and had a great time. A really great time and I wish we lived closer to them! The next time we see them they will have added a new member since Becca is 8 months pregnant. Can I just say I don’t think there could be a cuter pregger lady! ALL BABY! I can’t wait to meet he/she.









A Kitty and park kinda day

June 27, 2014 by Angela

My dear friend, Laura, was fostering some kittens that were only 4 weeks old and so the girls and I decide to head across town to see them. Oh my goodness, they were cute! Since we were on that side of town we decided to also hit the park at AC steere…which also has a water play area. Unfortunately I did not bring their swimsuits but the park area has A LOT of play equipment so the girls were ecstatic! It was funny watching them play and just how much they have grown. mia was attempting the monkey bars, the sliding pole and of course making music in the musical area. Evvy was running everywhere and taking advantage of the slides and bridges. Our girls are growing up so much! After playing at the “play park” (as evvy likes to call it) until 7 pm, it was time to head home. The girls were eyeballing the water area pretty intensely so I told them to go ahead and play in it.
“what? But we have clothes on”!
That’s okay.
“But we will be soaking wet and we don’t even have a towel”!
You’ll dry.
“Really? Come on evvy, let’s do it”!

And they did. They had a BLAST!

I had some spare clothes in the car so it really wasn’t a big deal other than the dramatic…don’t let anyone see me- changing in the car lol. As you can imagine, they passed out that night. :)











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