Just turned 10 months

Hello Everyone!
Amelia is now 10 months old and a pretty amazing little gal I must say. She is saying: DAWWG( as she points to Lola or Aria…or random dogs on the TV),Kittie, Dora (the other day she pointed to my wii character on the TV and yelled, “DORAAA”), DaddEEEE, Mamamama, and duck. She also waves to the TV when someone on there is waving. She giggles a lot and is ALWAYS on the go-go-go.
As you can see from the pictures below, she loves to dig in the kitchen drawers and pull everything out of them. She also hikes her little leg up like she is trying to climb in them. lol
She fake laughs now to get your attention (heaven forbid you not give her constant undivided attention).
She will also give ‘sugars’ with an open mouth so yes, they are very slobbery sugars.
She has 3 teeth now and number 4 is right there about pop on through.
Let’s see what else….oh, did I mention that she is always on the go-go-go?
MiMi and I took her to the park the other day and even though all the stuff was too old for her, she had a great time. She was waving at strangers and seemed to be taking everything in. She felt sand for the first time and didn’t quite know what to think about it at first. Then, she decided it was neat….and then proceeded to see if it tasted as neat as it felt. Luckily we were able to stop her before she got it up to her mouth. lol.
She went to her first Mardi Gras party last month. Unfortunately we were unable to stay for the actual parade due to it conflicting with bedtime…but she had a great time at the pre-party nonetheless.
She is still cruising around hanging on to the furniture and can stand just for a brief minute with no hands…until she realizes it..then she immediately drops like a sack of potatoes.
She went potty for the first time in her potty chair yesterday!! 5 times! YAY!!! 4 tee tees and 1 poop (just in case you were needing to know the details) lol. What a big girl!
Wow, can you tell Brent and I are proud parents or what? More updates soon 

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