Blessed as a Mommy and Wife and a Typical Dooley Day

It wasn’t until May 1, 2008 that I learned what it is like to love someone with your WHOLE heart.   Love more than anything in the world.  More than your parents who raised you, more than your spouse who is your best friend and soul mate, more than you love yourself.  It became reality on that day.  That epiphany right at that moment.  This living breathing blessing.  I know no greater love than her, and now her sister, Evelyn, too.  A glimpse into our typical day and my favorite times of the day.

Evelyn and I are the first to wake up in the mornings.  I walk into her room, she pops her head up with this huge smile on her face, on her tummy…arms and legs go out and she waggles them..all four pure excitement.  I scoop her up and off we go to the den where we sit in the recliner and snuggle, babble and laugh.  She is such a happy baby.  That me and her time starts my entire day.  I am a sleepy grump in the mornings.  A shower does not start my day.  The coffee I start as soon as I get dressed and come into the kitchen, does not start my day.   BUT the moment I hear that little girl stirring in her crib and I walk in to see her smile and excitement, my day has started.

Breakfast time once grumpy Mia wakes up is a favorite too.  For some reason, dinner time she is more silly and wants to do that rather than eat so def not fun.  But breakfast time she will be less silly and will talk about things.  Love that. Brent feeds Evvy while I make Mia’s lunch and she gets dressed.

Getting out the door to drop them off is not a favorite either.  “Mia, stop lollygagging and get your shoes on”! is a phrase you can hear almost every single day. After I drop them off…I don’t mind the drive to work, listening to my music as loudly as I want to.  I don’t mind working all day.  Do I miss them while I am there…sure but I love my job and it is quiet and gives me the time I need to be by myself.  By the end of the work day I am way ready to go get them.

When I pick the girls up from school and I walk into Amelia’s classroom to see a huge smile and hear a loud, “MOMMMYY” as she runs towards me! That hug will instantly make me forget worries or any cruddy day happenings.  Then I go into Evvy’s room where she is sitting and playing with things and she hears my voice..she immediately starts looking for me and SMILES huge and does her hand clap thing that is mighty popular with her right now once she spots me! I love it!  Then there is the ride home in the car where I ask Mia about her day.  At first she thought she could get away with just telling me “good”. Now she knows Mommy needs details so spill it! :)

Once we get home Mia is generally silly and begging for me to play with her and I tell her she needs to play by herself for 10-20 mins…. almost always 20. (yes, I set a timer). I start my easy to make dinner, and clean at the same time…almost like a “see how much I can get done before the timer dings” and once the timer dings I go and play with her.  Now, if we are coloring together or putting puzzles together to where I can chat and ask her questions…this I enjoy.  Or even if we are being silly face gals or tickle monsters, or pretend play…I really enjoy.  But I would be lying if I told you I immensely enjoy playing doll house with her or baby dolls. I don’t.  I used to be okay with it because I would sneak learning into it (like my character I was playing with would ask questions and riddles but she caught on and that was the end of   Perhaps one day I will miss it but I would not say it was one of my favorite times of the day (sorry old Amelia reading this) but I do it and SHE loves it.  I feel like if I am helping her learn (with puzzles or riddles) than I am accomplishing something but when I am just playing baby dolls or characters in a dollhouse…sigh.  I suppose I am teaching her some things with this play.   Evvy naps 30 minutes during this time but if she is awake, we try to incorporate her into our play somehow but Evvy usually spends the whole time trying to eat the toys.

Dinner time between 5:30 and 6:00 and then Mia will go play out in the backyard for awhile by herself or with us or rides her bike in the front with us out there chatting and watching her or Brent biking with her and evvy in a stroller.  One of those.

Bath time is around 7:00 and since Evvy is now old enough to sit in the tub without falling over…they take a bath together every other night.  Well, Amelia takes a bath every night but Evvy every other night.  Once they are bathed, Brent and Mia usually play together…usually some kind of chasing or hide and seek game or something questionably dangerous like flips or jumping off things etc.  I take Evvy in the other room to diaper, lotion, feed, clothe and then play.  This is a favorite time for me as well. Then it is off to bed for her.  She is very different from baby Mia in that she doesn’t want to be rocked or sang to…she squiggles in your arms uncomfortably until you just put her in the bed.  You don’t hear another peep out of her.  She is done for the night.

Amelia gets a 30 minute show after Daddy play and this is Brent and I’s time to clean and chat.  Another favorite time.

Then at 8:00 it is bedtime for Mia.  Brent and I take turns with the bed time routine.  One keeps cleaning while the other does brush teeth and story time.  THIS is both of our favorite times of day. Mia is not silly once a story starts.  She listens and would sit there for 10 stories if you were so inclined.  2 long ones or 3 shorter ones is the norm.  I love this time with her because she is usually cuddly and very intent on what you are reading and asks questions.  After story we say our prayers.  Her’s is a song:

“God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you.  For our many blessings, for our many blessings, AAAhhmen….Aaaahhmen. Amen”

and mine is the Lord’s Prayer.  The I will sing one short song while I tickle her face or arm or back or whatever her choosing is.  She will sometimes stall for us to stay in there “wait, mommy…ummm what are the plans for this weekend.  Wait…ummmm I forgot”. But for the most part…she is good about just hugging goodnight and done.

Then it is a collective sigh between Brent and I.  A “holy crap” kids are a lot of work, sigh.  HAHA. That there is finally peace and quiet in the home.  And all cleaning and all chores STOP at that point…8:30! And the rest of the night (until we pass out at 10:30) is ours.  We then have time to really chat or watch a show and zone out or whatever…in the peace and quiet. :) This is another favorite time of the day.

BLESSSSSSED is how this Momma and Wife feel, blessed.

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6 Responses to Blessed as a Mommy and Wife and a Typical Dooley Day

  1. Jessica R. says:

    It IS crazy busy, but you handle it so well. You’re such a great mama!

  2. Cassie says:

    It’s that collective sigh when all the bedroom doors are closed and all we hear is the hum of the fan that keeps me going day in and day out! Ha!

    Sounds like a blessed family for sure!

  3. I LOVE reading about other mommas’ daily routines for some reason. Just about the only thing I like more is seeing what’s in other people’s handbags.

    Your friend,
    The Voyeuristic Freak

    • Angela says:

      Handbags, I could care less but I too like to read other Momma’s routines. (I will also look at the things in the background of posted FB pictures and at night will look into lit windows of houses as we drive by….HEY, I said as we DRIVE by hehehe).

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