Fun Lunches part 2

This one is a beach theme (as are my post these days lol) with jelly bean toes :)

Ok, not sure what this is exactly. Carrot top had he been born and raised in the backwoods of Arkansas? We will call him hillbilly ginger and move along…

Ehh not good, not bad….just a simple little boat. (you do think it looks like a boat, right? If not, it is exactly what you thought it was lol).

Ok, this owl turned out pretty well…he’s cute huh?

Just another tuna fish, fish lunch but this one has some cool blue yogurt to go with. YESSS!

This one is the “Hickory Dickory Dock” one with 2 mice running up the clock rather than one. Meh, details, details. Two are always better than one, right?

We will call this one…in a hurry lunch day. If no ideas and short on time…spell out a name. Done.

Ok, this is also a short on time day. Shove a mr potato head face in a sandwich you sorta make into a face shape and call it a day.

Wow, another in a hurry day. Oh. This was in preparation for our Amarillo trip. Leave me alone…I was packing for 3 for a 6 day trip!! :)

Um, that would be a rocket ship as requested by Mia. I doubt I will be taking requests in the near future.

Annnnd another in a hurry one. Musta been a hectic week? Yeah, we will go with that. He’s cute though!

Cute little butterfly with personalized banana

Fun in the sun? What? Chicken nuggets can’t enjoy a little beach time?

This one turned out cute and her face when she saw him was cute too! She was very concerned why the tortilla was green though. Is “it’s the incredible hulk brand” a better answer than “it is made with spinach”? Dang it! I should have thought of the hulk answer this morning! Hopefully she’s will eat it anyways :)

So far I have done these lunches all but 1 day (I have some I have not posted yet) and she is loving them. Some of them are good and some are bad but it is fun to do, it is much healthier than the lunches they get at school and she loves it. So take that haters who say I have too much time on my hands (plus most of them take only a few minutes longer to make a reg lunch to a cute one so why not)?

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5 Responses to Fun Lunches part 2

  1. Jessica R. says:

    I am so impressed and inspired by these. As soon as I’m not chopping all of Sarah’s food up, I’m coming here for ideas. Love hillbilly ginger! Ha ha!

  2. Cassie says:

    Yah, these are fantastic. I suck at that kind of creativity. I say, just eat it. and shut up. HA! My kids are so deprived!

    You’re clearly on fie-ya!

    • Angela says:

      Girl, these are not all my ideas!!! Oh no, I get them off pinterest, websites, magazines, anything I run across I jot down! Ehh your kids are SO not deprived. In fact, I want to come to your house for some great cooking because my cooking is mediocre at best!

  3. OH.

    You? Are AMAZING!!

    I’m going to pitch “Top Chef: Bento Box Edition” to Food Network. You’ll be the first champion!

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