7 Months

Amelia has been crawling all over the house….down halls…into rooms…she definitely has the hang of it now. She is still trying to climb up on her packages to get to the Christmas tree (even though we have it barricaded) in addition to trying to climb up on any and everything…including Lola. :) She pulls the drawers open in our kitchen, tries to pull up on them as well until she realizes they move when she tries to do so. So, she settles for grinding her tooth (yes, she still only has the 1 tooth) on the knob. Ummmmmm not the best sound in the world.
She is saying DaDa and Daddeee :) Once she saw how much of a reaction she got from saying it…she proceeded to say it all night and all the next day, “Dadda dadda dadda..” She just said daddeee for the first time last night. It is so sweet and amazing.
She just went on a road trip with Mommy to Dallas last weekend to see Aunt Chelsea, Aunt Becca, Aunt Randa and Aunt Melissa. Again…she was so many Aunts for having a Mommy with no siblings :)

She seems pretty excited about Christmas…at least she is about the lights on the tree and packages underneath. No doubt this will be a wonderful Christmas.


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