Sick Baby

10:00am So as I sit here waiting in the sick waiting room at the pediatrician I am dumbfounded at the amount of sick children! Evelyn started coughing 2 days ago in which I called the pediatrician to get a response of “if she is not running fever, do NOT bring her in because she would probably catch something from the waiting room”. Nice. Her breathing became more labored and she just wasn’t eating very much at all. I had to bring her in. After not sleeping much AT ALL last night because I was so worried, we ate breakfast and got here to the pediatrician 10 mins early thinking we would miss most of the wait. WRONG! There were 14, YES FOURTEEN, other families in line before us (apparently 10 mins early wasn’t smart enough….45mins early possibly?). Brent is in the car with both girls as not to expose them to AS much while I sit in here listening to kids scream, cry and cough. The kid next to me has the stomach flu, the kid across from me has the chicken pox, and the croopy coughing in here is unbelievable! There are now 27 families waiting to be seen with only ONE Dr. here today. This is an utter (and I use the word “utter” instead of the word I would rather use) nightmare!

11:00 Still waiting an hour later with only a few having been seen…which is weird because one would think with the plethora of Dr.s here today it would just FLY by. (um yes, that was sarcasm). Still waiting and afraid to breathe in because I just heard, “you okay? You need to throw up again”?. And “I don’t know, I’m pretty sure it’s the flu”. Awesome.

11:30 One and a half hours in and still not seen. This is ridiculous! I am now out of battery on my phone and using my iPad until it too runs out of battery. As far as I know the girls are still alive in well in the parking lot with Daddy.

12:00 Two hours in and still not seen. By now I think I probably have the bubonic plague, shingles, malaria and small pox.

12:15 over two hours and Mia has got to be getting hungry as we did not bring food for her. We do have a bottle ready to go for Evelyn, but have no idea if she is hungry or has already drank it as my cell phone is dead.

12:30 Two and a half hours in and still not seen! Seriously??? This is SO ridiculous!!!

1:00 finally back and waiting for the Doctor. Nervous about it being RSV.

RSV test came back negative but they are concerned with her breathing and disinterest in eating. After a breathing treatment, blood draw and x-ray they have concluded it is some sort of bronchial virus and recommend her going into the hospital. WHAT? Omg, tears!

The first night in the hospital was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. They had to put her on oxygen because her o2 levels were dropping below 90%. Have you ever blown in a baby’s face? Their reaction is to kinda hold their breath and flip out…now imagine a tube that constantly forces air into their nose. She would panic and scream and cry. I would rock her and calm her down until she fell asleep and then here they would come again to suction out her nose, check her vitals, give her a breathing treatment etc and never at the same time. She was exhausted and miserable. I cried and cried. They came in and wanted another x-ray because her breathing seemed more labored…it showed the same thing as the x-ray taken at 12 hours previously. They said she needed an IV even though she would eat fairly often (just not drinking as much as normal). Sick of feeling like they were doing things that were not necessary and feeling like I was having to make these decisions myself (bc Brent was home with Amelia), I called Brent and asked him what he thought about the IV? His response was “I am sure they know what they are doing”. But the 2 young NURSES (not drs) just didn’t seem like they were too sure of themselves…it made me uneasy but I agreed. I was such a mess as they ATTEMPTED to put an IV in. I sat there bawling while holding a SCREAMING Evelyn while she put a rubber band around here arm which seems like FOREVER. I thought, ok surely she is done by now and looked down to see that she was still looking for a vein…while Evelyn’s arm was turning red/blue! I expressed my concern and another nurse came in to assist and asked if I wanted to grab some coffee from the room next door. I thought that perhaps I was being a tad overreactive so I agreed, got the coffee and stood outside the door listening to my daughter SCREAM and cry. I walked in to check on her in time to hear one young nurse say to the other young nurse “I don’t know why it is doing that” and find my daughter with THREE stick marks in her with NO working IV. They were going to have to stick her again. UM NO! I told them they were done and I did not feel confident with them doing it. They informed me that they would have to write down that I refused and I told them to write whatever they pleased but that would not be sticking my daughter again and I wanted to see her doctor…not a dr on staff…but her doctor. One of the nurses rolled her eyes (didn’t care) and the other stayed professional and assured me she would make the call. Her Dr came in first thing in the morning and said an IV was not needed and that she would come back around lunch time. At lunch she said she was SO happy to see Evelyn was doing MUCH better and did not need any more O2 and if her levels stayed above 92, we would be able to go home the next day. They did and we did.
I stayed home with little Evvy the rest of the week to ensure her little immune system was strong enough to go back to daycare. Yesterday was her first day back as she is doing SO MUCH better. Thank you Lord!

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  1. Jessica R. says:

    What a NIGHTMARE. That nurse situation makes me so angry. How dare they be rude to you when they were obviously incompetent and unable to do their jobs after repeatedly sticking a baby with a needle. UGH. And I’m so glad you didn’t catch malaria or the plague or, most importantly, RSV. I’ve heard it’s rampant right now.

  2. I’m so glad Evvie came through her illness unscathed! You handled the nurse situation much better than I would have. You are a strong momma, and your girls are very lucky to have you!

  3. Patty says:

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