Christmas at Gaylord

Our trip to Christmas at the Gaylord for ICE! We took our time in dropping the dogs off at “your pet bulter” on benton rd and drove on to Dallas, TX. Before ever getting to the Gaylord to check into our hotel, we went to Grapevine mills mall. With multiple animatronics (snakes, elephants, tigers, gorillas, birds etc). The girls absolutely loved it!
At the same mall we rode the train that takes you all along the mall per Evvy’s request and fascination with trains even as a little girl (not to say she isn’t still little but even as a baby).



We were amazed at it’s gargantuan size and festive, really beautiful festiveness.


The ICE feature which we accidentally conned our way into was amazing! We had a 6p appt time for the exhibit so we got into line that wrapped around the corner but could see exactly how long it actually was. We were stuck. In line. Bottom line. So we hadn’t been in line long when the girls were getting antsy and trying to do cartwheels etc so I suggested Brent take the girls to one of the several neat photo opt areas throughout the area to get some good photos of the girls. Meanwhile, I am watching one of the tv screens nearby (rooting for Alabama to lose lol) to which the man with his son in front of me asked if I was rooting for or against Bama to which I QUICKLY replied AGAINST! Lol He agreed and informed me that he was from Louisiana and had graduated from Grambling. Meanwhile, Brent comes back explaining that some family had given him 6 “vip passes” that they couldn’t use!? I gave 2 to our new line friends and took our 4 and family to the nearby VIP line. With confidence I presented our “VIP tickets” to the agent. She tells me the tickets are stubs and do I have any other tickets to which I handed her our regular tickets. Without hesitation she tears the tickets and opens the roped entrance for us to enter. I make sure she knows the man and child behind us had the same tickets and were with us. She then lets them follow behind us. A man on the other side leads us down this hallway, out through a garage area and into another area with a literal red carpet to the front of the line! We were handed large parka coats and able to enter the exhibit.





The ice slides were fun too!


It wasn’t until after we left the exhibit and left the VIP Frosty the snowman meet and greet that we saw just how long the line to get in (the line we bypassed) was. HOURS LONG! What we finally realized was the that the VIP tickets the family gave us was actually the stubs to get into the VIP frosty meet and greet that were unable to use. They used the VIP tickets (which is why we had stubs) but were unable to use the VIP meet and greet tickets. Whoops! HAHAHA!
The Gaylord room was nice (not anything special for the cost) and we passed smooth out after a whopper of a day…only to be awoken by the BLARING of feliz navidad at 1:30am. The hotel has a pretty neat and elaborate light show every hour on the hour from 6pm-10pm. Apparently they were doing a (way too loud) sound check at that time?
The next morning we went to cookies with Mrs claus which was really neat. It being a small group made it more personal and along with the fact that she made her way around the room asking each chikd their name, age and if there was anything they wanted that she could tell Mr. Clause. All the children and adults ate cookies and drank milk while she read Frosty the Snowman.
*side note. Upon arriving, Amelia spotted 2 fish bean bags that she quickly loved and chose for her and her sister to sit on. She told Mrs. Clause that she liked them. Well, Christmas day the girls awoke to their requested presents from Santa and 2 fish bean bags with a note from Mrs. Clause thanking them for attending her milk and cookie reading session and letting them know that she remembered how much they loved the bean bags so she wanted to send a special gift with Santa from her. J





It was a great time at Christmas at the Gaylord and we plan to attend next years event with Mom and dad Dooley!

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