Welcome to the Family Coco

After much consideration with Aria getting older (just turned 11) and before further house remodeling, we decided to get a dog. Well, me and the girls finally wore Brent down in letting us get another dog lol. We had a lot of stipulations such as: we wanted a dog pound youngish GIRL puppy, with wiry or non shedding fur that would not get very big as not to hurt Aria or the girls (ours or neighborhood). With (online) searching many local and surrounding pounds and rescue centers and with a few visits in meeting the potential pups we were unsuccessful as they were not a good fit. Until I found A mom and 6 pups that had been surrendered in a Tyler Texas pound. I thought the female brindle there was absolutely adorable and fit all the criteria. So, the girls, Aria and I loaded up and drove on to Tyler Texas to meet yet another potential pup. (1) Of course we brought aria to make sure she was “okay” with her new companion…which she currently hates her. #2) To be clear, after a few phone calls to the Tyler pound people asking about the puppy, I did have a good feeling we would be coming home with her or I would not have brought the girls with me to become prematurely attached). She was promptly adopted and quickly named Coco by Amelia. She rode in Amelia’s lap the entire ride back. She has fit into our family well with the exception of being a huge puppy pain in the keester with potty training, biting, tearing things up…you know…what puppies do! LOL. She has grown soooo much in the few short months so much that Brent jokes that she is part pit bull rather than their initial label of miniature pinscher /Chihuahua mix. Luckily the vet says she will only get to 15lbs…hopefully. HA.
Here she is! Our pain in the arse, Coco! Welcome to our family Coco(nuts)!









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