Swimming class and July Fourth Weekend

Amelia started her swimming class on Thursday, June 30th and absolutely loves it.  It is much different than the class she took as a baby (14 months) at the YMCA.  This is not a big group of kids with their parents in the water floating around with their pockets inside out from shelling out a good bit of money wondering what they are getting out of the class because no one is really “teaching” anything.  This class is taught by a certified lady at Red River Scuba school with only 3 children total. Each class is 45mins long and it is a total of 5 days.  She does a great job with the kids too.  The only downfall of this class is that is starts at 3pm  so I have to leave work a little before 2pm to drive to get Mia from school in Bossier and drive back the other direction to this class before 3…and it is indoors with no air conditioning…eeeekk.  Needless to say with these 100degree temps, I am soaked when I leave without ever getting in the water.  That being said, Amelia LOVES this class and she is learning some very important skills from it.

She tested these skills out in Baton Rouge this past weekend when her and Marie played in Grandma and Papa’s kiddie pool.  The girls were inseparable much of the weekend which was so sweet to see…plus it gave us adults some domino playing time hehehe.  First thing Saturday morning Brent, Brandon and Dickey took their dirt bikes and polaris to Woodville, Mississippi to visit family and blaze across  the land with their toys.  They had a BLAST!  Us ladies went for lunch, shopping and fun back at home.  Brent and I had  babysitters (which is extremely rare) so we got caught up on our theater movie watching:  Bridesmaids and Super 8.  (Brent went on Sunday afternoon with Brandon and Dickey to see Transformers 3).  It was SO great to go see non cartoon movies (the last movie we went to was with Amelia to see Kung Fu Panda 2) and sorta have 2 date nights!!!

Before we headed back home on that Monday (July 4th) we were able to spend it like most families on the Fourth of July….eating great food and spending time with wonderful family. Always a great time :)

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