Skating rink

It isn’t a secret that I spent a good bit of my youth at a skating rink (Golden spread skating rink) so it seems only natural for me to be excited to get to take our daughters to a birthday party being hosted at one. Surprisingly, Amelia AND Evvy did quite well for it being their first times to skate. Sure, we have put Amelia in the tinkerbell shoe skates to “skate” around the house aka fall, but it never lasted long and never amounted to much more than her hanging onto the couch, not letting go and sliding onto the floor. (Which is probably why it didn’t last long. I think I have already mentioned how Amelia likes things she is really good and and not so much the things she is not. lol). It was cute to skate around with them and watch their big, excited eyes with each circle round and to watch Mia circle round without any help whatsoever. So proud. :)

We have a really good video of Amelia skating but I have no idea how to post it to here. Perhaps I’ll get Brent on this task. :)

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  1. Jessica R. says:

    Wow! Evvy looks like such a big girl in her skates. How fun!

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