Amelia’s 6th Birthday

Amelia’s 6th birthday being on a Thursday really seemed like a birthday week in that Thursday, her actual birthday, was celebrated by bringing cupcakes up to her school for snack and that evening, going to her favorite dinner place: Jason’s deli. The reason for this? Well, where else can you get a dinner of peanut butter and jelly with fruit? Oh, at home or anywhere at all? Nah, better drive across town to get one. HA. In her defense, there IS an ice cream machine there also. Anyway, it was a good meal and a good time with the girls. The next day, Mom and Dad Dooley came into town, Mimi was over for girl’s night and as a big surprise to Amelia…Marie and Uncle Brandon came in for a visit. She was shocked and SUPER excited! The girls swam and bunked together as her first official sleep over. :) Saturday, Mom Dooley and I took Amelia, Marie, Evelyn and Amelia’s friend, Tiffany, to see the Disney princesses on ice! As you can imagine, the ride over was a loud one but full of laughter and smiles. The show was a spectacular one and by the time we made it back to the house after the show and a toys r us trip, Mom Dooley and I were in need of a cocktail lol. (though I am the only one who decided to partake). More swimming followed after our return home including Brent and I. What. a. day.
The next day, Sunday, was the day of her actual party at the trampoline place: Air U. The turn out was great equaling 19 kiddos. Amelia was beaming to have all her little friends there and had a BLAST! To my amazement, after jumping for 1.5 hours straight…the girls (and Brent, Brandon and myself) swam for almost 2 hours.

Again, what. a. weekend. A fantastic weekend! I will post pictures soon!Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet girl!

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  1. Jessica R. says:

    What an awesome birthday weekend! Thank you for having us to the party. We had so much fun!

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