Easter fun food

Gearing up for easter we had a few cute lunch/snacks. The first being a yogurt bunny! with whip cream on top, banana ears, pretzel whiskers and blue berry eyes. They, of course, loved it!

Egg chick. raisin pieces and a carrot atop half a hard boiled egg.


Egg and donut bunnny. Yeah this was a favorite for breakfast.

The mashmellow cream graham cracker bunny. I have yet to find the pull apart BLACK licorice (probably because licorice is nasty and 1% of the population like it…bleh lol) so I had to improvise by using black jelly beans…cutting and rolling them into thin strands.

Bunny butt! After Mia laughed hysterically at the name (gotta love potty humor and “bad words”) she LOVED this pancake booty with bubble gum tape paws (they did not eat), a whip cream tail (they did eat…first) and scrambled egg sun.

Chick juice box. Yellow and orange construction paper and some googley eyes. Viola.

We also made these carrot cookies in brownie dirt.



One Response to Easter fun food

  1. Jessica R. says:

    So so SO cute. Especially love that bunny yogurt and the bunny butt!

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