Girls’s Road Trip!

I picked the girls up from school/daycare early and off to Dallas we went! We stopped off in Winona to visit Aunt Co and Uncle Freddie. I am still kicking myself for not getting a picture of Aunt Co and the girls!

We then stopped off for a potty break, diaper change and some food at schlotskys (sp).



We got to Toni and Rod’s around 6:30 or so and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. The girls were SO good and SO good with going to bed. Very proud of them! After a wonderful breakfast of eggs, toast, ham and cantaloupe, we hung out in the backyard and talked and played. Again, not sure why I didn’t get a picture of the girls with both Toni and Rod before we left!




We stopped off in Benbrook for a little taste of home…Taco Villa, to bring to Uncle Tony’s. you better believe the girls enjoyed the rest of the day with their Uncles and cousins and swimming.


It was SO nice to not have to worry about Amelia’s pool time too much. I mean, of course me or Tony had to be in the pool with her for her to be able to be in there but she is a good swimmer! That was a relief since Evvy was the opposite! Pool time was a chore with her. Omg you could not take your eyes or hand off of her even for half a second because she was constantly jumping in the pool, wiggling to swim/get out of your arms. For over an hour straight she did this. She was having a BLAST! It was so scary though because she would go under water no problem, face/mouth full of water, coughing sometimes…didn’t phase her. Scared us to death lol. She truly loved it though….and it wore her out!



I have never seen her this worn out before! She was like a rag doll and slept through dinner at the burger restaurant we went to. Luckily they had picnic benches so she could lay down and use my leg as a pillow. When she woke up towards the end of our meal, she ate a whole burger! Lol
It was a great trip! We left out early the next morning because I knew I would be unable to keep both girls quiet for two or more hours until everyone got up…nor did I want to try lol. We were all pretty tired but we stopped off, got mommy some much needed coffee, the girls each a donut, some milk and banana. We were rolling pretty smooth until I got pulled over in a total speed trap going 56 in a 40…on a highway. I totally rolled down Evvy’s window for him to see both girls in hopes it would sway him to give a warning instead. I thought when he chuckled at Mia singing my phone number when he asked for a number of contact that maybe…a warning.? Nope. Big fat ticket. Mia was concerned and displeased with my lawbreaking.
“Mommy! You are getting a ticket?!? Are you in trouble?!?
It’s okay Mia, I am not not in trouble but I do have to pay a lot (and I do mean a lot) of money for my mistake.
“Oh, mommy. Why did you get a ticket” (disapproving voice)
Because I was speeding and I shouldn’t have been.
(10 minutes later pulling out of gas station)
“Mommy are you speeding”??
As soon as we walk into the house…”Daddy, Mommy got a speeding ticket for speeding”!
My daughter is not only a rule follower but she is also a snitch. Lol (for the record, I had already told Brent).
’twas an awesome road trip (minus the ticket) visiting family and I look forward to going again soon! :)

3 Responses to Girls’s Road Trip!

  1. Jessica R. says:

    That looks like so much fun (besides the ticket of course). I wish Sarah were more brave with the water. Sounds like Evvy would enjoy one of those little Puddle Jumper floaties! Glad you guys had a great time.

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