Monthly Archives: January 2015

Christmas at Gaylord

January 19, 2015

Our trip to Christmas at the Gaylord for ICE! We took our time in dropping the dogs off at “your pet bulter” on benton rd and drove on to Dallas, TX. Before ever getting to the Gaylord to check into our hotel, we went to Grapevine mills mall. With multiple animatronics (snakes, elephants, tigers, gorillas, […]

Welcome to the Family Coco

January 13, 2015

After much consideration with Aria getting older (just turned 11) and before further house remodeling, we decided to get a dog. Well, me and the girls finally wore Brent down in letting us get another dog lol. We had a lot of stipulations such as: we wanted a dog pound youngish GIRL puppy, with wiry […]

Corn Maze!

January 11, 2015

I failed to mention when we all went to the corn maze, the same weekend Mom and Dad Dooley and the Neef’s were in town, Evvy fell in the corn maze…twice. With only showing mild discomfort while examing what appeared to be a splinter in her arm, we attempted to pull it out. She then […]

Evvy’s First Dentist appt

January 11, 2015

Evelyn did great first dentist visit and cleaning! She did surprisingly well! I few days later, Amelia lost her first tooth. Or rather, I pulled her first tooth while Grandma and PaPa were in town for Evvy’s birthday!

Fun food, fun lunches 25

January 10, 2015

Halloween witches broom cupcakes! Turkey cheese ball, turkey peanut butter snack and turkey juice boxes. And let’s not forget the cornucopias we made for Evvy’s class lunch and my work lunch and turkey pudding snacks! Last but not least, the Christmas snacks!

Fun lunch 24, Fun food

January 9, 2015

when marie was in town we all went on a safari to which we looked for different safari animals (stuffed animals set up in various places throughout the backyard) through binoculars while eating snacks. Snake eggs (green grapes), twigs (pretzels) and ants (raisins). lava lamps made from water oil and food coloring in a water […]

First Grade

January 9, 2015

I realized upon looking at my phone pictures that there was A LOT that I missed in catching bloggers up! I looked at the last post which consisted of back to school snacks but didn’t bother to post 1st grade chalk board pictures! (Below) With it being several months after she started 1st grade, I […]

Halloween and Fall Fest

January 7, 2015

It has definitely been a long time since I have posted thus it has been a busy, busy 2014! We have been busy remodeling the house, celebrating holidays, getting a new puppy and just living! I can honestly say I have never been this busy or happy in my life. For Halloween, the girls celebrated […]

Evelyn’s Birthday Party

January 6, 2015

Evvy’s 3rd birthday! We had a circus/carnival birthday for our silly sweet Evvy. The guest house was packed out with kids playing carnival games, munching on cotton candy, pop corn, hot dogs, nachos (and anything else that is bad carnival food lol), and of course a clown photo booth. Each kiddo (totaling 22) won prizes […]

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