Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Fun Girl’s Night!

February 26, 2013

Movie Time! Bring on the popcorn and snacks (grapes for Mia and hot Tamales for mom). Evvy wants some! Art Time!! CANDY LAND!

14 month old Amelia/swimming lessons

February 19, 2013

I found some YMCA swimming pictures when Mia was 14 months old. Too funny! Notice a “swimming instructor” is no where around lol. I think we basically paid them a ton of money to use their pool. Ha. Mimi was there to watch her swim then too

Swimming Lessons

February 19, 2013

Amelia has been attending swimming classes for the past 2.5 years, 3 different sessions total (four is you count her swim lessons at the YMCA which was basically Brent and I in the water with her when she was around 14 months old getting her used to the water and paying YMCA an arm and […]

Bath and Bubble Fun

February 18, 2013

Every night the girls take a bath together and the older Evelyn gets, the more fun they have at bath time. In the beginning, Evelyn SOOO did not care for bubbles. She would fuss when they would get on her. Now, she doesn’t mind them as you can clearly see in the pictures below. We […]

Fun Lunches 15

February 17, 2013

Moon Chicken salad filled Pita! I guess this would be a jellyfish scared of a goldfish. Ha Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tribute. Turned out pretty cute I think! In a hurry, carrot headed person. Carrot head! Groundhog Day tribute! Hello Punxsutawney Phil! Easy breezy kite. Not sure what this is besides a Carmel popcorn ball […]

Valentines Photo Shoot!

February 15, 2013

I am about to post a TON of adorable pictures! Yes, I am bragging but I will not in the least apologize for this because our family blog is the perfect place for some serious bragging on adorableness. And one should know to expect this logging onto this brag site…I mean blog site. 😉 (This […]

Mardi Gras float and parade!

February 15, 2013

As many of you know, Louisiana is known for many wonderful and exciting traditions including Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday). The real Mardi gras parades are in New Orleans which I have yet to see, and in all honesty, would be a little out of my comfort zone attending now from the stories I […]

Grandma and Paw Paw visit

February 7, 2013

We always LOVE it when Mom and Dad Dooley come in for a visit, Amelia and Evvy especially love it! Amelia had been giving Paw Paw bunny ears a little earlier and so he was getting her back while telling a story about when Daddy and Uncle Brandon were kids. Evvy loving on her Paw […]

Evelyn Post

February 5, 2013

Evelyn is growing up WAY TOO FAST! She is pretty laid back still, hardly ever cries…even if she falls and bonks her head. She listens pretty well even though she does have a little bit of a temper in her that shines through sometimes. For instance, if she wants you to hold her and you […]

Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Sesame Street?

February 5, 2013

Our Monday’s and Wednesday’s are busy in that Amelia has her swimming class from 4:30-5:30 (which i will post about soon) so we usually do not plan things on those days. However, when Savannah and her Mommy asked us to go to Sesame Street Live on Wednesday because of the weather instead of the original […]

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